Murder on the Dancefloor - 70s Disco

It’s 1978 and your evening at the nightclub has ended in disaster! You hear rumours that the ‘King of Groove’ has been murdered! With all your belongings inside, there is no way for you and your friends to get home. You find another way in and you can’t help but have a snoop around. Your curiosity gets the better of you. What you are about to find inside is not groovy…

2-8 Players

60 Minutes

3.5/5 Difficulty

Wild West Quest - Western Adventure

Seeking freedom and adventure you’ve decided to head to a little Town out West called Clue Creek. However, upon your arrival you find out that the town has been taken over by the murderous outlaw, Shoot em’ dead, Fred. Sheriff Sam was investigating the outlaw but has been run out of town and fled. You and your posse must put a stop to whatever Fred’s been up to, and become the heroes of Clue Creek!

2-8 Players

60 Minutes

4/5 Difficulty

Runaway Rudolph - Christmas Room

It’s Christmas Eve everything is running smoothly. WAIT! Something is wrong. Rudolph is missing. All the other Elves are busy making presents. Only your team of Elf recruits can find Rudolph and save the day! Can you save Christmas?

Please Note: This is the same room that has previously run in Clacton and Harwich. So if you missed out now is your chance to experience it!

2-8 Players

60 Minutes

Opening November


89-91 Fore Street, Ipswich, IP4 1JZ


01255 442700