Cluetopia Harwich


Dr Duplicate's Evil Lab - Hi-Tech Room

The evil Dr Duplicate has built a machine capable of creating exact clones of human beings. He plans to use this machine to create an army of clones in his image and take over the world! Can you and your team of scientific experts stop him before it’s too late?

2-8 Players

60 Minutes

4.5/5 Difficulty

Prisoner X - Prison Break

You work for a secret government agency. Unfortunately, your team leader was captured while on a mission. Your team needs to break them out of prison. You only have one chance, so make it count. You have 60 minutes before the prison guard returns. Can you save Prisoner X?

2-6 Players

60 Minutes

3.5/5 Difficulty


2 Central House, Harwich, CO12 3PT


01255 442700