A Christmas Catastrophe

A Christmas Catastrophe

It’s the day before Christmas and you’ve just realised that you forgot to post your letter to Santa! Clearly you have no choice but to head to the north pole and post it yourself. Can you get your letter to Santa in time or will your Christmas end in Catastrophe!

More Information: This game features adjustable difficulty. This allows us to better tailor the experience to your team. The standard version is perfect for smaller groups or those just starting out with escape rooms. Or if you’re a bit quicker the expert mode adds a few more challenges for your team to overcome. Standard Difficulty = 3/5, Expert Mode = 4/5

Please Note: We have designed our Christmas themed games with teams of 4 or more players in mind. We know some like to play as smaller groups, so to accommodate we have opened many slots up for teams of 2 and 3. The only dates not open to small teams are December weekends and the week leading up to Christmas Day.

2-8 Players

60 Minutes


3/5* Difficulty

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